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Historical overview


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Fragment of one of the colour-plates from F. Buchanan White's Chellenger Report (1883) with illustrations of all known species of Halobates including structural details.

Historical overview

The genus Halobates was described In 1822 by the Estonian naturalist Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz togther with the species Halobates micans, sericeus and flaviventris. Eschscholtz served as a physician and naturalist on the Russian ship "Rurik" which sailed around the world during the years 1815 to 1818.

In 1883, F. Buchanan White's classic Challenger Report on the "pelagic Hemiptera" appeared. He redescribed the known species of Halobates, added six new species, H. germanus, hayanus, princeps, proavus, and sobrinus, and illustrated all 11 species in color, with numerous drawings in black and white of structural details.

By far the most complete taxonomic treatment of Halobates is the revision by Herring (1961), who examined all available types of species described prior to 1960, synonymized many names, described and illustrated 14 new species and offered a key to all species.

Since Herring's 1961-monograph, the following author's have added new species of Halobates: Herring (1964), Miyamoto (1967), Linnavuori (1971), Schmidt & Müller (1973), J. Polhemus (1982), J. Polhemus & Cheng (1982), Malipatil (1988), J. Polhemus & D. Polhemus (1991), Andersen & Foster (1992), Andersen & Weir (1994b, 2002). However, some of the new taxa have since been synonymized with previously described species. Here, we provide a  Checklist and Distribution updating the taxonomy of Halobates and allied genera.



Herring (1961) presented the most comprehensive key for the identification of Halobates species. Regional keys are available for the Indian Ocean (Andersen & Foster, 1992) and Australia (Andersen & Weir, 1994b).

We here provide an illustrated key which should enable workers: 

(1) to classify specimens in one of several species groups of Halobates, and

(2) to identify the most common and widespread species of Halobates, including those living on the open ocean surface.

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