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Sidsel Larsen

List of publications since 1999


2003. LARSEN, S. & N. SCHARFF (in press). The spiders of Greenland - a checklist. Entomologiske Meddelelser.  


2002. PETERSEN, G., O. SEBERG & S. LARSEN. The phylogenetic and taxonomic position of Lilaeopsis (Apiaceae), with notes on the applicability of ITS sequence data for phylogenetic reconstruction. Australian Systematic Botany 15, 181-191.


2000. LARSEN, S. “Diversity and composition of the spider fauna in different vegetation types at Zackenberg” In Caning, K. and M. Rasch (eds.) 2001. ZERO 6th annual report 2000. Copenhagen , Danish Polar Center.

1999. LARSEN, S. Arthropods. In Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations 5th Annual Report, 1999. Pp: 28-31.

1999. LARSEN, S. & T. D. RASMUSSEN. Rapid assessment of spider species richness in the Arctic (Disko, West Greenland ) Berichte zur Polarforschung 330 pp: 76-77. (abstract)

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