Entomology Department

Collection inventory of the Diptera collection of the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (ZMUC)

Compiled by Rudolf Meier with help from W. Buch, P. N. Buhl, K. D. Klass, V. Michelsen, and J. F. T. Petersen

Curator in charge: Thomas Pape

The dry and the alcohol collection is currently divided into a Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Danish, General and Type collection. The inventory work is in progress and the "general" alcohol collection has not been covered. Lists of primary types are found in the type inventory files below and in special type lists that have been generated for each family and which are accessible through the main homepage for each family.


Fabricius Collection A-L Wiedemann Collection Stęger Collection
Fabricius Collection M-Z Lundbeck Collection General Type Collection



Cylindrotomidae Axymyiidae Psychodidae Tanyderidae Thaumaleidae
Limoniidae Pachyneuridae Trichoceridae Ptychopteridae Simuliidae
Tipulidae Bibionidae Perissommatidae Dixidae Ceratopogonidae
Nymphomyiidae Mycetophilidae s.l. Anisopodidae Corethrellidae Chironomidae
Deuterophlebiidae Sciaridae Scatopsidae Chaoboridae  
Blephariceridae Cecidomyiidae Synneuridae Culicidae  


Xylophagidae Athericidae Xylomyidae Therevidae Asilidae
Tabanidae Vermileonidae Nemestrinidae Scenopinidae Empididae s.l.
Pelecorhynchidae Stratiomyidae Acroceridae Mydidae Dolichopodidae
Rhagionidae Pantophthalmidae Bombyliidae Apioceridae


Opetiidae Ironomyiidae Sciadoceridae Pipunculidae



Phoridae Syrphidae


Conopidae Ctenostylidae (no holdings) Dryomyzidae Agromyzidae Curtonotidae
Micropezidae Lonchaeidae Helcomyzidae Clusiidae Diastatidae
Neriidae Pallopteridae Heterocheilidae Fergusoninidae Drosophilidae
Cypselosomatidae Piophilidae Helosciomyzidae Odiniidae Ephydridae
Pseudopomyzidae Platystomatidae Huttoninidae Opomyzidae Braulidae
Somatiidae Pyrgotidae Phaeomyiidae Xenasteiidae Canacidae
Strongylophthalmyiidae Richardiidae Ropalomeridae Anthomyzidae Carnidae
Tanypezidae Tachiniscididae (no holdings) Sciomyzidae Asteiidae Chloropidae
Megamerinidae Tephritidae Sepsidae Aulacigastridae Cryptochetidae
Diopsidae Ulidiidae Australimyzidae Neminidae Milichiidae
Gobryidae Chamaemyiidae Heleomyzidae Neurochaetidae Tethinidae
Nothybidae Eurychoromyiidae (no holdings) Sphaeroceridae Periscelididae
Psilidae Lauxaniidae Chyromyidae Teratomyzidae
Syringogastridae Coelopidae Acartophthalmidae Camillidae


Scathophagidae Muscidae Glossinidae Streblidae Sarcophagidae
Anthomyiidae Mormotomyiidae Hippoboscidae Oestridae Tachinidae
Fanniidae Calliphoridae Nycteribiidae Rhinophoridae

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 Last update: 17 maj 2005