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Millipedes, DIPLOPODA

The sequence of taxa is based on Hoffman's classification of the Diplopoda from 1980 [1979] but the sequence of the orders follows Enghoff (1984: Phylogeny of millipedes - a cladistic analysis. - Z. zool. Syst. Evolforsch. 22: 8-26). The families of the order Julida are arranged after Enghoff (1991: A revised cladistic analysis and classification of the millipede order Julida. With establishment of four new families and description of a new nemasomatoid genus from Japan. - Z. zool. Syst. Evolforsch. 29: 241-263).

Species are listed according to current taxonomy as far as known. Primary types are also listed under the original combination [in square brackets].

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Curator: Henrik Enghoff.

Order Polyxenida

Order Glomeridesmida

Order Sphaerotheriida

Order Glomerida

Order Platydesmida

Order Siphonophorida

Order Polyzoniida

Order Stemmiulida

Order Callipodida

Order Chordeumatida

Order Polydesmida

Order Spirobolida

Order Spirostreptida

Order Julida

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Last update: 26 maj 2007