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The spider collection holds some 1900 identified species representing 81 families. It is thus relatively small, but has a wide taxonomical and geographical coverage. Particularly strengths are material from the Palaearctic region and the Old World tropics. Large amount of unidentified material is available from Eastern Africa and the Malay Peninsula. There are about 200 holotypes, including (among several) types of Denis, L. Koch, Simon, Thorell, and the "classical" type material of Liphistius desultor Schiødte. Complete and updated lists of type and material holdings are available at the 'List of spider material in the ZMUC collections'.


The collection mostly consists of unidentified/unsorted material, with some exceptions. Most notable is M. Hammer's worldwide collection of Acari Oribatida which includes about 1,000 primary types. It also includes the primary types of 6 Fabricius species (see 'Lists of Acari primary types in the ZMUC collections'.


The pseudoscorpion collection holds 189 identified species and 69 primary types (mainly With types but also other authors). See 'List of pseudoscorpion material in the ZMUC collections'.


The amblypygid collection holds 24 identified species and 2 primary types (type material from Hansen). See 'List of amblypygid material in the ZMUC collections'.


The ricinul collection holds 12 identified species and no primary types. See 'List of ricinulei collection in the ZMUC collections'.

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