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A representative of an undescribed genus of micropterigid moths from Madagascar, currently under study by Niels Peder Kristensen in the Entomology Department. These are the first representatives of the homoneurous moth grade ever recorded from the island (collected by D.C.Lees from The Natural History Museum in London; illustration done by R.Johansson).
First instar larvae of the flesh fly subfamily Miltogramminae show a remarkable morphological diversity, which probably is connected with their life as kleptoparasites in the nests of solitary aculeate Hymenoptera. Comparative morphological studies are carried out by Thomas Pape as a collaborative project with Dr Krzysztof Szpila, Toruń University, Poland.
Bot flies are obligate mammal parasites with a remarkable biology. Their phylogeny, phylogeography, and historical ecology is studied by Thomas Pape.
Diptera is one of the mega-diverse insect orders with currently about 120.000 named species. Thomas Pape is actively involved in the Biosystematic Database of the World Diptera, which as a principal product provides an online Diptera nomenclator, and the FlyTree project, which aims at producing a Diptera supertree.

Paectophyllum sp., possibly an undescribed species, looks like a hybrid between the two known congeners. Collected in Gölçuk, western Turkey, May 1995, H. Enghoff, M. Frater & H. Read leg. G. Brovad photo (ZMUC).



Microvelia polhemi Andersen (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Veliidae) from Dominican Amber.  The first fossil record of a phyltotelmic water strider. Photo: G. Brovad, ZMUC.


Acusilas malaccensis Murphy & Murphy, 1983 (Araneae; Araneidae). Male (small) and female. Acusilas is closely related to Argiope Audouin, 1826. It uses a curled-up leaf as retreat, placed at the centre of it's orb web. Representatives of this genus is known from Central Africa and South East Asia. The genus is currently under revision by Jesper Birkedal Schmidt.
A female of the spiny orb weaver, Gasteracantha westringii Keyserling, 1863, from New Caledonia. Drawing by Birgitte Rubĉk (ZMUC).

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