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Crustacea species list at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen

In the period 2001-2004 a complete species list of all identified crustacean in the collection of  ZMUC was produced. The total number of identified species approaches 12.000.

The species lists are supplemented with a field containing some locality information. This information is not complete! We may very well have material of a species from and area not mentioned in the locality field of the particular species. The locality information included is what could be obtained without very time-consuming examination of handwritten labels, but we estimate that this information is approximately 70% complete.

Material only identified to various higher taxonomic levels is also included to some extent in the list and are placed as family or order (or similar) in the ‘genus’ field in the appropriate alphabetical position.

Type material is also mentioned in the lists below but you should please refer to separate registration database for more detailed information about crustacean types.

 Historical background of the collection of Crustacea.

 For arrangement of loans, please contact Jørgen Olesen or Bjarne Bisballe.

Lists available:

 The validity of some of these categories is the subject of scientific discussion. As they are used here, they reflect the order into which the collection of Crustacea at ZMUC has been put historically.

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