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The research at the Vertebrate Department is very comprehensive. It is primarily based on the study of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. The birds and the mammals are well known and in consequence the research is concentrated on phylogeny, zoogeography and general biology (especially ecological and behavioural aspects). In respect to fish and reptiles, the research also focuses on phylogeny and zoogeography, but it is mainly concentrated on generic revisions, including the description of new taxa. In addition the Department has a section dealing with the evolution and distribution of vertebrates in Denmark and Greenland during the Quaternary; this includes the early history of the domesticated animals. The division also has a section managing the ringing of birds in Denmark, Greenland, and The Faroe Islands. Jon Fjeldså is a member of the board of the "Centre for Tropical Biodiversity" and the "Centre for Biological and Cultural Diversity in Andean Rainforests". A number of Ph.d.and M.S. students are associated with programs of these research groups. In general, it is characteristic that much of the research performed at the Department is of importance for the work of other institutions in connection with nature conservation and conservation strategies in Denmark and in foreign countries as well.

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