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Bruno Andreas Walther

Curriculum Vitae

Address: Zoologisk Museum, Kobenhavns Universitet, Universitetsparken 15, DK 2100 Kobenhavn Ø, Denmark, Tel: +45-3532-1051, Fax: +45-3532-1010, Email:

Born: 3rd of July 1966, in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt, Germany.


Current research interests

GIS-modelling of bird migration, Neotropical ornithology, species richness estimation, ectoparasite communities of birds, colour evolution, and anti-predator behaviour.


Academic positions

2000-2003  Postdoctoral research fellow, Zoological Museum, Copenhagen.

1998-2000  Postdoctoral research fellow, Konrad Lorenz-Institute for Comparative Ethology, Vienna.



1998  D. Phil., Zoology Department, Oxford University, England. Thesis title: Comparative studies of ectoparasite communities of birds. Supervisor: Dr Dale H. Clayton.

1993  Bachelor of Science with honours magna cum laude, Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA. Thesis title: Selection for virulence and resistance to ultraviolet radiation in Lymantria dispar nuclear polyhedrosis virus. Supervisor: Dr Paul W. Ewald.

1992  Biogeography: Patterns of Ecological Diversity. Field course involving tropical ecology, land management, ecological anthropology, and independent research project on ant species richness of local tropical rainforest. School for Field Studies, Queensland, Australia.

1991  Courses in genetics, plant ecology, vertebrate palaeontology. Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney.

1987  Abitur, Gymnasium Bremervörde, Germany.



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Clayton DH, Walther BA. 1997. Collection and quantification of arthropod parasites of birds. Pp. 419-440 in Clayton DH, Moore J. Host-parasite evolution: general principles and avian models. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Walther BA, Cotgreave P, Gregory RD, Price RD, Clayton DH. 1995. Sampling effort and parasite species richness. Parasitology Today, 11:306-310.



Book reviews in Ibis 136: 502; 137: 286, 450, 601; 138: 138, 351-352, 354-355, 586, 591-592, 594, 806, 139: 425-426, 707-708, 717, 142: 510-511, 144: 534.

Anonymous reviews for Animal Behaviour (1998), Auk (1995, 1996), Behavioral Ecology (2002), Bird Study (1995), Canadian Journal of Zoology (2000), Ethology (1999), Folia Parasitologica (1995), Functional Ecology (1995), Journal of Avian Biology (1996, 1997), Journal of Field Ornithology (2001), Journal of Parasitology (1998), Miscel•lània Zoològica (2000), and Oikos (2001).

Work experience

2001-02  Editor of chapters on Brachypteraciidae for Volume 6 (2001) and Picidae for Volume 7 (2002) of the Handbook of the Birds of the World, Lynx Edicions, Barcelona, Spain.

2000  Organizer of a workshop on ecology and evolution of ectoparasites, participants: Donald Blomqvist (Sweden), Alzbeta Darolova (Slovakia), Herbert Hoi (Austria), Serge Morand (France), Lajos Rozsa, Tibor Szep (both Hungary), Francisco Valera (Spain).

1999  Two months of observational field work at Surumoni, Amazonas province, Venezuela.

1998  Two months of observational and ringing field work at Surumoni, Amazonas province, Venezuela.

1998  Three months of field work at Mindo, northwestern Ecuador, on hummingbird-flower relationships.

1997  Spring and summer census of plants, birds and butterflies in northern German forests leading to publication of two internal environmental assessment reports for the German Federation for Nature Protection.

1995-96  Field work on foraging ecology of overwintering tits, Wytham Woods, Oxford University.

1995-96  Supervisor of undergraduate thesis by Nicola Collis, Zoology Department, Oxford University. Title: "A comparative study of the behavioural costs of grooming in birds".

1995-96  Teaching assistant in the ecology & conservation field course, Zoology Department, Oxford University.

1994  Two months of ringing of forest birds in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia.

1993  Teaching assistant in animal behaviour course, Amherst College.

1991  Field assistant for bird ringing expedition with the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

1990  Teaching assistant in ecology course, Amherst College.

1990  Three months of observational field work in Carmel Valley, California, on hummingbird behaviour.

1987-89  Ranger in Wallnau bird sanctuary owned by the German Federation for the Protection of Birds on the island of Fehmarn, Baltic Sea, Germany. Work included continual census of breeding and migrating birds, giving guided tours, handling injured birds, habitat improvement, and office work.


Awards and grants

2000  2-year Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, European Commission's "Improving Human Research Potential" programme, European Commission Research Directorate General, Brussels.

2000  COBICE (European Commission's "Improving Human Research Potential" programme) research grant to visit the Copenhagen Biosystematics Centre, Zoological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1997  British Ecological Society project grant, British Ornithologists' Union research grant, and Percy Sladen Memorial Fund granted by the Linnean Society of London for the study of Neotropical hummingbirds.

1996  Poster prize at the 129th Annual Meeting of the German Ornithological Society, Stift Melk, Austria.

1993-96  Evan Carroll Commager Fellowship and John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship for the study of Evolutionary Ecology at Oxford University, Amherst College.

1993  Awarded membership to Sigma Xi, Amherst College chapter.

1992  Ford Foundation Grant for thesis work, Amherst College.

1991  Sawyer-Prize for academic excellence in biology, Amherst College.

1990  Hughes Grant for field research, Amherst College.

1989  Foreign Student Scholarship for four years of study at Amherst College.

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