History of biological science

Studies on the scientific results of the Danish Expedition to Yemen 1761-67 were concluded* and a study of the purpose and accomplishments of the Dana Expedition 1928-30 was prepared for the 5th Congress on the History of Oceanography*. On the occasion of the 100 years' anniversary of the Ingolf Expedition 1895 and 1896 the first study of this early deep-sea expedition and its work around Iceland and off West Greenland was undertaken*; this work also resulted in exhibitions in Iceland, Copenhagen and Greenland. For a book on the Danish "Golden Age", an account of the first Galathea Expedition 1845-47 was prepared*, as well as a compilation of the work of Danish carcinologists throughout 200 years*. Studies on the life and achievements of the zoologist Henrik Krøyer (1799-1870), of the ZM patron Bøje Benzon and of Prof. R. Spärck, as well as on the marine collecting activities and contribution to "Zoologia Danica" by O. F. Müller (1730-84), and the travels of the botanist F. M. Liebmann in Mexico 1840-43 were prepared* (T. Wolff).

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