VOLUME 27 (2) (2003)

Schuchert, P. Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) of the Danish expedition to the Kei Islands. Steenstrupia 27: 137-256. (Download PDF-file - 2.398 KB)

Jelnes, J. E., F. W. Thiongó, N. J. S. Lwambo & J. H. Ouma. The Bulinus nasutus complex (Bulinus nasutus (Martens, 1879) and Bulinus productus Mandahl-Barth, 1960) (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) in the Lake Victoria area elucidated by enzyme-profile electrophoresis and natural infections with Schistosoma spp. (Trematoda: Schistosomatidae). Steenstrupia 27: 257-262. (Download PDF-file - 50 KB)

Knudsen, J., K. R. Jensen, C. Nielsen & R. I. Johnson. Lorentz Spengler's descriptions of freshwater mussels (Mollusca: Unionacea): translation and notes. Steenstrupia 27: 263-279. (Download PDF-file - 7.902 KB)

    VOLUME 28 (1) (2004)

Schmidt, C. & A. Leistikow. Catalogue of genera of the terrestrial Isopoda (Crustacea: Isopoda: Oniscidea). Steenstrupia 28: 1-118. (Download PDF-file - 645 KB)

    VOLUME 28 (2) (2004)

Rapp, H. T. The first record of the genus Leucascus Dendy, 1892 (Porifera, Calcarea, Calcinea) from the Atlantic Ocean, with description of Leucascus lobatus sp. nov. from Greenland. Steenstrupia 28: 119-127. (Download PDF-file - 976 KB)

Shedlock, A. M., T. W. Pietsch, M. G. Haygood, P. Bentzen & M. Hasegawa. Molecular systematics and life history evolution of anglerfishes (Teleostei: Lophiiformes): Evidence from mitochondrial DNA. Steenstrupia 28: 129-144. (Download PDF-file - 924 KB)

Merz, B. The status of Tephritis fenestrata Zetterstedt, 1847 (Insecta, Diptera, Tephritidae). Steenstrupia 28: 145-147. (Download PDF-file - 51 KB)

 Just, J. Siphonoecetinae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Ischyroceridae) 8: Two unusual species from Thailand and Japan. Steenstrupia 28: 149-158. (Download PDF-file - 554 KB)

Guerra-García, J. M. Littoral Caprellidea (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from Phuket, Thailand. Steenstrupia 28: 159-175. (Download PDF-file - 401 KB)

Larsen, M. N. & R. Meier. Species diversity, distribution, and conservation status of the Asilidae (Insecta: Diptera) in Denmark. Steenstrupia 28: 177-241. (Download PDF-file - 3.075 KB)

    VOLUME 29 (1) (2005)

Pickersgill, M. The taxonomy and ethology of the Afrixalus stuhlmanni complex (Anura: Hyperoliidae). Steenstrupia 29: 1-38. (Download PDF-file - 2.381 KB)

Paxton, C. G. M. & R. Holland. Was Steenstrup right? A new interpretation of the 16th Century sea monk of the Řresund. Steenstrupia 29: 39-47. (Download PDF-file - 187 KB)

Palma, R. L. & J-K. Jensen. Lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) and their host associations in the Faroe Islands. Steenstrupia 29: 49-72. (Download PDF-file - 120 KB)

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Enghoff, H. The millipedes of Thailand (Diplopoda). Steenstrupia 29: 87-103. (Download PDF-file - 86 KB)

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