Project description


Pedro Cardoso

Jose Guadanucci

Ole Gudik-Sørensen

Søren Langemark

Nikolaj Scharff

Jesper B. Schmidt





Higher level phylogenetics of linyphiid spiders based on morphological and molecular evidence.



(this project is done in collaboration with Gustavo Hormiga from the George Washington University, Washington DC, USA and Miquel Arnedo from the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)


The project aims at reconstructing the higher level cladistic relationships of linyphiid spiders, based on combined molecular and morphological data. We have collected character data for a sample of 33 linyphiid species in 30 genera, representing the currently used subfamilies of Linyphiidae (Stemonyphantinae, Mynogleninae, Erigoninae and Linyphiinae (Micronetini plus Linyphiini)). Outgroup taxa are represented by 10 species (from the araneoid families Pimoidae, Theridiidae, Nesticidae, Synotaxidae, Cyatholipidae, Mysmenidae, Theridiosomatidae, Tetragnathidae, and Araneidae). The morphological characters include those used in recent studies of linyphiid and araneoid phylogenetics, covering both genitalic and somatic morphology. The sequence data includes both mitochondrial (CO I and 16S) and nuclear markers (28S, 18S, and Histone H3). We will explore and quantify the contribution of different character partitions and their sensitivity to changes in the traditional parameters.




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