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Pedro Cardoso

Jose Guadanucci

Ole Gudik-Sørensen

Søren Langemark

Nikolaj Scharff

Jesper B. Schmidt





Catalogue of Danish spiders



(this project is done in collaboration  with Per de Place Bjørn, Theo Blick, Lars Bruun, Ole Bøggild, Henning I. Clausen, Peter Gajdos, Ole Gudik-Sørensen, Michael Hansen, Søren Jensen, Lars Jonsson, Søren Langemark, Peer Larsen, Henning Liljehult, Jørgen Lissner, Kaj Nissen, Jan Pedersen, Christian Rigelsen, Nikolaj Scharff, Jesper Birkedal Schmidt, and Søren Toft)


The catalogue of Danish spiders builds on registrations from all known public and private collections in Denmark. It includes material collected in the period 1871-2005 and both a checklist and a review of the species distributions on district levels within 2 time periods (before and after 1950). The total number of verified species recorded from Denmark is 523. Of these, 83 species have not been published before as new to the Danish fauna. On the district level 3.503 records have been registered from 11 districts out of the 5.753 possible records (61%), with 3.357 records after 1950 and 161 records up to 1951. Seven species have not been found in Denmark after 1950 (1.4%) and 26 species have not been recorded since 1989 (5%; marked with an asterisk [*] in the catalogue). Ninetyseven species (18.6%) have been recorded from all districts, whereas 58 species (11.1%) have only been recorded from a single district. The highest number of species (454) has been recorded from East-Jutland and the lowest number (259) has been recorded from North-West Zealand.


See: Scharff, N. & O. Gudik-Sørensen (2006). Katalog over Danmarks edderkopper (Araneae)/Catalogue of the Spiders of Denmark (Araneae). Entomologiske Meddelelser 74(1): 3-71.


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