World of Flesh Flies

Thank you to Chris Thompson, Washington DC, for his encouragement in bringing information on Diptera into the digital domain and for originally launching the 'Diptera site', which has been an inspiration for these pages.

Peckia gulo (Fabr.) Krzysztof Szpila (University of Torun), Steve Marshall (University of Guelph), René Richet (Yzeure, France), Nicolas Gompel (University of Wisconsin), Jim O'Hara (CNC Ottawa), Dan Hansen (Minneapolis), Steve McKillup (University of Rockhampton), and Bruce Marlin (Cirrus Digital Imaging) gave their kind permission to use some of their photographs on flesh flies and flesh fly workers.

The habitus photograph used as background on the welcome page shows a female Sarcophaga ruficornis and was taken by Derek Sikes, University of Calgary, in Indonesia (Flores Island), used here with permission. The upper left icon on all web pages is a scan of the flesh fly reproduced in leaf-gold on the cover of the world catalogue of Pape (1996). The original is E.O.G. Kelly's illustration of Blaesoxipha kellyi from Aldrich's (1914) description.

Particularly for the permission to use already published figures and illustrations, we extend our sincere thanks to the following societies, publishing houses, journals, and persons: Blackwell Publishing (Entomological Science), Entomological Society of America (Annals of the Entomological Society of America), Entomologisk Forening (Entomologiske Meddelelser), E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Die Fliegen der Paläarktischen Region), Magnolia Press (Zootaxa), Nippon Eisei Dobutsu Gakkai (Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Exploration du Parc National des Virunga), Societas Entomologica Scandinavica (Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement), Société entomologique de France (Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France), Taylor & Francis (Journal of Natural History), Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Bulletin of Tokyo Medical and Dental University), Zoological Survey of India (Fauna of India), Zoologische Staatssammlung (Spixiana), Zoologisk Museum (Steenstrupia), Paul H. Arnaud, Jr. [San Francisco], Elizabeth Binkiewicz [Stockholm], Bryan Cantrell [Indooroopilly], Hugo José Lopes Guimarães [Rio de Janeiro], Polyanna von Knorring [Stockholm], Cátia Antunes de Mello-Patiu [Rio de Janeiro], Satoshi Shinonaga [Tokyo], Tin Sjöberg [Stockholm], and Yurij G. Verves [Kiev].

Mr Claes Petersen at the IT-unit of the Natural History Museum of Denmark has untiringly helped getting the online literature database (BiblioWeb) to operate smoothly on the server of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

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