World of Flesh Flies Preface

Welcome to the world of flesh flies! Webpages are usually ephemeral products, and the pages you are currently reading may be no exception. We hope, however, that the information presented in these web pages will serve as a stimulant to further research on flesh flies by providing an introduction to the family, general sections on morphology, biology and collecting techniques, and links to nomenclature, illustrations and references.

fly in Chicago Information about the natural world will not be true science until it is made social, i.e., made available for others to build on, as well as for scrutiny and testing. This being said, we do not claim that these pages are a scientific product, and they are certainly not intended for permanent scientific record. Rather, they represent the dynamic outcome of a collaborative effort to build an online platform for increased dissemination and exchange of information on flesh flies. May this lead to more and better science!

Taxonomy and biosystematics are well suited for the virtual domain. The amount of (potential) information is monumental, and much of it can be hierarchically structured. For the large majority of flesh fly species, however, we have little more than a name and an original description, and for an unknown number of species we do not even have a name. The growth in our knowledge may depend on unexpected discoveries just as much as focused, long term efforts, but throughout this quest for new information we keep building on past discoveries.

The layout of the present web pages should by and large be self explanatory. You will find citations on several pages, but no specific section on the references cited. You will have to find the relevant references by searching our online database on flesh fly literature. This may not be the most comfortable solution to the user, but it makes the maintenance and updating of the bibliographic information on the numerous pages much less complicated.

The editorial group strongly encourages input from readers, whether factual information, corrections, updates, or comments on the layout and design of the webpages as such.

Content by T. Pape on behalf of the editorial group.
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Last updated: 10 March 2010.
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