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Biology of the Paramacronychiinae

This page will be continuously elaborated in the future, but as a start we are citing (with only slight modifications) relevant parts from the chapter on biology in the world catalogue of Pape (1996).

Biology of Paramacronychiinae.
In the Paramacronychiinae, Agria is a genus of lepidopteran predators or parasitoids, species of Brachycoma are predators on immatures (mainly prepupae) of bumble bees, Sarcophila and Wohlfahrtia contain scavengers and insect predators and for the latter genus some species that produce myiasis in mammals. Species of Wohlfahrtia have even been used successfully in the treatment of human wounds (Grantham-Hill 1933). Oophagomyia plotnikovi is a predator of grasshopper egg-pods, Blaesoxiphella brevicornis a grasshopper parasitoid, while Nyctia halterata has been bred from pulmonate snails (Goureau 1843, Verves 1982). Galopagomyia inoa has been bred from rotting tortoise eggs (Pape 1996).

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