World of Flesh Flies
Egg morphology

All Sarcophagidae incubate their eggs in a pouch of the female oviduct, and the eggs will usually hatch during the ovi-larviposition. An interesting exception is Oebalia minuta (Miltogramminae), which will glue incubated eggs directly onto the host (Sanborne 1982). The sarcophagid egg chorion is rather simple and without (or with very small remnants of) the antero-dorsal plastron typical of many oviparous Calliphoridae and Rhinophoridae. Anterior aeropyle and posterior micropyle usually developed.

Miltogrammine egg Published information is restricted to the studies by Thompson (1921), Hinton (1981), Baudet (1985), Lopes & Leite (1989), and Sukontason et al. (2005).

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