Ringing Section

How to report a ringed bird

Ringing of wild birds is for scientific purposes.
You can help science by sending us the finding details!

If you find or observe a bird with a metal ring or some other type of marking, please report the ring number to the Copenhagen Bird Ringing Centre (concerning readings of colour marks, however, see below).

You can either write to us at our postal address (see below) or send an e-mail, or phone us at +45 3532 1029, or fax us at +45 3532 1010 with the following information:

  1. Ring number and name of ringing central
  2. Species - if known or supposed
  3. Date - and time of recovery
  4. Place of recovery, with the name of the nearest well-known town, and district
  5. Details about the recovery:
  1. Name of finder, with full postal address and phone number. All finders will receive a letter with the ringing details if we have your postal address (snail mail).
An example of a report is shown at the bottom.
If the bird is released alive, please leave the ring on!

If the bird is dead, we would like you, if possible, to:

Coloured plastic rings and other types of colour markings:

If you read a colour mark on a wild bird in the field without reading the metal ring number as well, please give your information directly to the co-ordinator of that particular colour-marking project. Lists and addresses of all European colour-marking projects are available on the (external) web site http://www.cr-birding.be/. However, if you cannot track down the correct colour-marking project, you are of course welcome to send your information to the Copenhagen Bird Ringing Centre, and we will pass it on.

Our postal address is:

Copenhagen Bird Ringing Centre
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tel +45 3532 1029
Fax +45 3532 1010
E-mail ringing@snm.ku.dk

An example of a report
1. Ring number 9.J18.765, Zool. Mus. Denmark
2. Species  small greyish-brown bird, possibly Garden Warbler
3. Date  23 April 1999, at c. 1600 hrs
4. Place  Sønderskov, near the town of Hjørring, Jutland
5. Details found recently dead, had flown against window pane in winter garden of house we have rented for our vacation
6. Name  Adam Schmidt, Vogelstrasse 78, D-17498 Neuenkirchen, Germany, tel. +49 9999 999 999.


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